My name is Mary Steinmetz and I recently worked with Divine Moving to move my Mother, Liz Rich from Manhatten to CT. I hope that you can find our move from 151 E 83rd Street to Chester CT in early June.
Having been a military wife and then moving quite a bit professionally I feel I am a bit of an expert on moving. My experience with Divine Moving was absolutely the most wonderful experience I have ever had!
My Mother's move came up rather quickly and I got online and was captured immediately by your name. I requested a quote, and you David immediately responded. You were so reassuring and knowledgeable I decided I would go with you and Divine Moving.
The following Monday morning I was promptly contacted by Anthony and he scheduled everything, explained the costs and we were set to move the following day!
I actually do not recall our moving professionals names but please do commend them for me. The lead man was very knowledgeable and explained all costs and details and was absolutely true to everything he said.
The team packed what we had not gotten too exactly as I had requested. The freight elevator in the building was being used to move an air conditioner and was tied up for about an hour during our move when we needed it, and your entire team patiently waited and continued to work.
The next day we moved to Chester, CT and they unpacked all my Mother's belongings and placed them exactly where they needed to be. Absolutely nothing was broken, misplaced, nor were we unable to find things. It was seamless! Your entire team was encouraging, hard working and a joy to work with. We just could not be happier!
I am just sorry it has taken me this long to write to you. David you are absolutely a wonderful manager, entrepreneur, and picker of people.
It is funny I am am Christian and chose you because of your name. During the move in in CT, I mentioned that you were a wonderful Christian company and was told that you were Jewish and two of our movers were Sherpas! How exciting that we were all following the ethical teachings of the God of our understanding!
Our move with you exemplified your bold name and was truly Divine Moving! Please use this as testimonial and please shower your team with great enthusiastic praise! I would be proud to be used as a reference for anyone ever and absolutely recommend Divine Moving to anyone who needs to move anywhere!
Congratulations on your wonderful business and I wish you great continued success David!!
Respectfully submitted,
Mary D Steinmetz


Mary Steinmetz, http://www.seatcaps.com