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For a stress-free, professional, and affordable storage and moving company in Greenpoint that you can trust with your valuables, look no further than Divine Moving & Storage.


There’s moving the hard way, and then there’s moving the Divine way.

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For close to two decades, Divine Moving & Storage has been helping Greenpoint move home. Relocating can be a daunting task, and just finding a moving company you can trust with your most cherished belongings can seem an insurmountable feat of endurance. At Divine, we know that this process can be scary and we take every effort to make it an easy and seamless process. Like the wedding planners for moving, Divine can take care of every aspect of your move whether you’re moving a block away or across New York City.


Divine specializes in creating customized budget conscious full-service moving packages to take care of as much or as little as you need us to during your Greenpoint relocation. Divine’s professional movers are experienced at packing & unpacking your home or business, providing long-term or short-term storage, relocation planning and transportation logistics, disassembling and reassembling large furniture items, and even carefully protecting your AV system and TVs for their journey to your new home or our state-of-the-art storage facility.


Whether you don’t have the time or the patience to plan your move (or even if you just don’t feel like dealing with it), the experts at Divine Moving and Storage have you covered. Here at Divine, we take care of the you don’t have to!


Don’t move the hard way--move the Divine way!


As the northernmost neighborhood in Brooklyn, Greenpoint’s small town charm is getting a Williamsburg-like hipster makeover. Both Williamsburg and Greenpoint’s waterfront areas were rezoned to pave the way for new developments in 2005, but Greenpoint has lagged behind it’s hipper big brother, making strides towards gentrification at a more moderate and measured pace than Williamsburg’s seemingly frenetic pace. However, rent and sales prices have been rising in the area in the last few years and developers have gotten on the surge.


Fueling the recent manic building in Greenpoint is also the fact that many young professionals have been priced out of Williamsburg but still want to stay in close proximity to this cultural mecca. As a result, demand for housing in Greenpoint has skyrocketed.


With some of the best public schools in the city, Greenpoint attracts families in addition to the young professionals and hipsters the area is known for. Since it’s not as easy to get to as other hipster enclaves in Brooklyn, Greenpoint is still slightly cheaper and, as residents note, safer which is very attractive to young families.


Local residents also enjoy using McCarren Park, a 35-acre green space bordering Williamsburg and Greenpoint.


Brooklynites head to McCarren Park to use the jogging track, play baseball on the park’s fields, swim in McCarren Park Pool, sunbathe in the summer, and ice-skate at the local rink during the winter months. For a less crowded outdoor option, Greenpointers head to Msgt. McGolrick Park for the playground, expansive lawns, great seating, and on summer Sundays to the local Farmer’s Market (during winter the market is held at Lutheran Church of the Messiah nearby).


While Williamsburg is thought to be the main hot spot for creative types and galleries, it doesn’t have the corner of the market on all things artsy; and nowhere is this more evident than in Greenpoint.


Greenpoint has a wonderful arts scene, with galleries, pop-up exhibitions, poetry readings, art studios, open mic nights, and performances spaces promoting not only established artists but young and emerging ones as well. Be sure to check out the massive 6,000 square foot Greenpoint Gallery, which features creatives from all walks of art.


Greenpoint Gallery isn’t just a gallery for the visual arts, but also for the ingenious creatives who tickle our ears with their mellifluous music. You can rent the space for a private party, but young Greenpoint residents prefer the music events and dance concerts the gallery hosts. Excitingly, the gallery offers classes at their in-house print shop for photography neophytes and even rents the space to professionals in need of space and equipment to produce their work.
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Full service moving storage packing and relocation services.

Greenpoint also has a thriving culinary scene from high-end restaurants, ethnic Polish and Asian cuisines, to incredible pizza, fabulous seafood, and delicious dessert spots and bakeries.


Greenpoint is known for hosting one of America’s largest Polish populations, and as you’d expect the pierogis in this Brooklyn neighborhood are unparalleled. For a truly fun Polish dining experience complete with statues of knights and portraits of men ready for battle, check out Krolewskie Jadlo which serves Polish staples including borscht soup and the pierogis for which they’re known. For a truly immersive experience, Karczma is the place to go. At this Polish restaurant the servers dress in traditional Polish clothing for an experience you can’t get outside Poland.


The best pizza is at Greenpoint institution Paulie Gee’s, and the lines of devoted patrons pouring out the front door are a testament to its amazing cuisine.


Paulie Gee’s eponymous owner, Paul Giannone, sources his food locally so you’ll sleep well from your pizza induced food coma knowing you’ve eaten sustainable food that’s as good for the environment as it is in your mouth. For another sustainable option, check out Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co for responsibly sourced seafood with a constantly changing menu reflecting seasonably available options. Noted avant-garde restaurant, Luksus (Danish for “luxury”) features a creative tasting menu and optional beer pairing, but wine drinkers beware: They only serve beer.


If you have dessert on the brain, there’s no place sweeter than Greenpoint’s fabulous bakeries and confectionaries. The crown jewel of Greenpoint’s sugary staples is Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop. In business for more than six decades, Peter Pan is a Greenpoint institution with the best donuts in New York City. You can also grab a milkshake or some coffee to wash down your sugary delight.


For French bakery delights, head on over to Charlotte Patisserie for authentic Parisian macarons and pan de chocolat.


In keeping with Greenpoint’s Polish roots, Syrena Bakery’s on-site kitchen has been serving its loyal customers Polish desserts for over 25 years. Make sure to check out their babka and mackovia, but be warned: the staff prefers Polish speaking patrons so bring your patience and check your attitude at the door.


Divine Moving & Storage is here to make your transition to your new home or office space a smooth and easy one. After all, moving should be a breeze and not a stormy process. (zip code 11222)


There’s a reason Greenpoint residents turn to Divine when they need to move, store, pack and unpack their homes and personal effects. As the best moving company in Brooklyn, Divine’s experience in moving Greenpoint ensures your move will be stress-free, affordable, and a painless process. You won’t need to lift a finger, except to point where you want things to go--that’s a promise! Divine packs, moves, and unpacks Greenpoint’s fabulous residents everyday. Furthermore, our familiarity with Brooklyn relocations means we know just how to make your move quick and easy while never compromising on service quality.


Our all-inclusive flat rate pricing guarantees you’ll never pay a dollar more than what our relocation specialist quotes you during your free no-obligation on-site estimate. After hearing moving horror stories about companies doing a bait & switch on moving day--and sometimes refusing to release customers’ belongings unless they pay another surprise fee!--we knew there was a better way.
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pack and prep your own move day kit for the first 2 nights after your move

With all-inclusive flat-rate pricing, we are able to make sure our customers are never overcharged.


We’re always available to chat and answer any questions you may have about your upcoming move. We work night and day to make sure your move goes off without a hitch, and our supportive relocation professionals all have years of experience in the industry. Our best-in-class customer service is a testament to our devoted professional moving teams. If honesty, efficiency, and scrupulous attention to detail are important to you, call Divine Moving & Storage today to schedule your consultation.


We’re looking forward to moving you home and showing you that moving doesn’t have to be hard.

Move the hard way, or let us move you the Divine way.

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