Professional movers, including Divine Moving & Storage, will not transport, move, or otherwise handle the following items:

don't move items


•   Acetone

•   Ammonia

•   Bleach

•   Cleaning fluids

•   Compound-3 weed killers

•   Denatured alcohol

•   Enamel

•   Gasoline

•   Insecticides

•   Kerosene

•   Lacquer

•   Lamp oil

•   Leather dressing or bleach

•   Lighter fluids

•   Matches

•   Motor Oil

•   Nail polish remover

•   Oil stains for wood

•   Paint or varnish remover

•   Pesticides

•   Stains

•   Turpentine

•   Antifreeze compounds

•   Camphor oil

•   Fluid cleaners

•   Corrosive liquids

•   Acids

•   Battery with acids

•   Disinfectants

•   Flame retardant compounds

•   Iron/steel rust preventatives

•   Paint and paint-related materials


•   Ammunition

•   Black powder

•   Blasting caps

•   Explosives auto alarms

•   Fireworks

•   Fuse lighters

•   Igniters or primers

•   Firearms

•   Matches

•   Propellants

•   Propane tanks

•   Signal flares


Compressed gases

•   Engine starting fluids

•   Fire extinguisher

•   Gases used in welding

•   Scuba diving tanks

•   Any other material termed combustible, corrosive, and/or flammable



•   Frozen food

•   Open or partially-used foods

•   Plants

•   Produce

•   Refrigerated foods

•   Food in glass jars

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Your safety comes first! We want to ensure that your move is handle with care from start to finish. Please avoid packing or moving anything from the above list, transporting these items can result in major damages to your belongings, our vehicles and personal. 

Please feel free to call 866-668-7666 if you have additional questions, our staff is here to answer any packing or moving related questions. 


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Don't pack or move checklist
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Don't pack or move checklist
Please avoid packing and moving the items on our don't move checklist. We want to make sure your move is a successful stress free one. Packing any of the items on our list may put you and us in danger.
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